Dream Big

If your goal is too small, you won’t even dare to try.

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Why Fear Now?

The fear of suffering is the beginning of suffering.

Great are the chances that what you fear will not materialize.

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You already have what it takes

It is not what you don’t have, but what you do with what you have, that determines the extent of your reach.


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Contentment is the acknowledgement and satisfaction of reaching capacity- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contentment

I would like to propose a slightly different description since no human experience ever reaches capacity for expansion.

Contentment is not a sense of having arrived; it is the satisfaction derived from your position on the journey.

It is not focusing on what you don’t have; it is viewing what you have with pleasure and appreciation. For those that do not delight in what they have now will hardly enjoy what they’re hoping to find or become when they “arrive”.

It does not imply resting on your laurels but the drawing of power from past and present accomplishments in order to maximize future possibilities.

Contentment is not a state based on past and present experiences alone. If you are contented, you are not looking into the future with fear and despair. To expect failure in the future is to be miserable in the present. And such is a state of discontentment.

Contentment is the feeling of being in the right place on the way to a better one.

It is the feeling of embarking on a great feat on the way to a greater one.

It is being happy today with a promise another happy day tomorrow.

Contentment is not passivity. It is the perspective that you have a full tank, and up to any task.

It is an assurance that nothing good is missing, that everything desired comes along as the need arises.

It is fuel for the journey, strength for the hands, swiftness for the feet, and health for the entire body. For to be discontented is to have a feeling of lack or deprivation; the feeling that there is not enough provision for the journey. Such feeling weakens the hands, slows the feet down, and troubles the whole body.

Contentment is a state of gratitude. It is looking back with joyous amazement at how far you have come; how things you have thought were outside your range are now in your hands. How the money came from source unexpected. How your dreams have become reality. How mountains that seemed unsurmountable suddenly disappeared. And looking forward with the same attitude, from one level of contentment to another.

Since like begets like, it follows that a feeling of contentment today will birth another tomorrow.

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Put your Resources to use

It’s not what you possess but what you use that makes a difference.

It does not matter what you have, it is what you apply that counts.

To become a force to be reckoned with, your possessions, personal qualities or material, must be put to effective use.

The world may appreciate you for what you have but will undoubtedly celebrate you for the impact of the value you add.

Look within and around you and take inventory of the enormous resources at your disposal. Then find avenues for their profitable use, expression, and application.

Everyone is endowed with assets that make for success but only those that discover and find their domain of application make great accomplishments.

  • Take deliberate inventory of your possessions –skill, ability, material, natural endowment, or whatever (Everyone has them)
  • Acknowledge and imagine their efficacy in making a positive contribution
  • Diligently search for avenues to express and apply these resources (Don’t just sit around waiting to be discovered)
  • Go to work and make your life count

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Joy’s added values

Joy is as free as the air we breathe yet adds the greatest power and efficiency to all we do.

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Keep your mind on success

To envision opposition is to empower it

To visualize adversity is to create it

To imagine failure is to develop it

Keep your mind off disasters and losses

Keep it on success, and success only

Plan and act as if you are already a success

And you will invariably realize your goals and aspirations

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Like begets Like

The nature of things your thoughts consistently hover around will likely deliver into your experience. What you hold in your heart may soon be held by your hands.

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Wise people don’t engage in verbal arguments

If you engage in an argument, then one or more of the following might be true…

you’re not sure of the correct standpoint

you need to win an argument for a good ego massage

you don’t have a conviction of where you belong

you’re outwardly denying your inner inferiority to the other party

you lack self-approval and you’re seeking it from others

you just haven’t learned that no one ever really wins when it comes to verbal arguments


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You might be on your way down …

If you enjoy dragging others down

If you constantly discuss the failure & shortcomings of others

If you glorify the past and despise the future

If your disdain for greatness is profound

If you detest and condemn success and the successful

If you limit the extent of your input to the size of your wage

If you’re easily perturbed or discouraged

If you seldom give praise but easily find faults

If you’d rather not be identified with those you hang out with

If you just can’t stop imagining how miserable it will be down there …

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